Request your complimentary consultation


Because shopping is exhausting and let's face it, you probably would rather be having a beer at happy hour instead...


Receive a complimentary consultation before getting started.  We'll discuss your style wants and needs in order to create a customized plan to evolve your personal style.

One-on-One In-Store Shopping

For those who enjoy going shopping or want to find everything in one appointment, there's this.  Receive an itinerary a day in advance on what stores we'll be visiting.  Arrive to a pre-pulled selection at each location with cool pieces to choose from.

Pick up's and Drop off's

For those who hate to shop or just don't have the time, we'll do it for you.  We like to give you options so we'll typically bring two times the amount of clothing than we've budgeted for.  After you try everything on, we will help choose the best pieces and return those items that you decide against.


Everyone wants to give a thoughtful gift but not everyone has the time to think one up.  Fortunately finding the perfect present is one of our strengths.  We'll pick it up and deliver it right to your door.  We'll even wrap it for you too.

Style Session

Once you've decided which pieces you want, we'll style new looks by incorporating them with what you already own.  These new looks will be created based on the type outfits you request.  Each look will be completed with shoes and accessories and photographed for your reference.

Recap with Photos of Styled Looks

Following your appointment, you'll receive a recap which includes any photos taken during the session as well as any remaining items on your Shop List.